About us

DRIFMAT is an initiative of INCDFM, and the steps to acquire legal personality and registration in the Special Register of Foundations and Associations began in 2015.

The reason and objectives of the establishment of this cluster-type association consisted in creating a single “entry point” on the Romanian market for those who wish to provide collaborative services or initiate partnerships in a specific field of activity, namely dedicated to the physics of materials, nanomaterials or advanced materials and innovative technologies for their realization.


The academic nucleus of the cluster consists of Romanian research centers with an already acquired reputation and which are initiators of this endeavor.

Founding members:

  1. National Institute for Materials Physics Research & Development (NIMP),
  2. National Microtechnology Research Institute Bucharest
  3. National Institute for Plasma and Laser Physics Bucharest
  4. National Research Institute for Technical Physics (Iasi),
  5. Polytechnic University of Bucharest, University of Bucharest,
  6. Babes Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca),
  7. Technical University (Cluj Napoca);
  8. “Ovidius” University (Constanta)
  9. West University (Timisoara).

Companies that have already proven, through various collaborations with the academic and research environment, the viability and even usefulness in the creation of innovative products, in applications with/or with research / production equipment and the development of new technologies, were invited for membership and association.

We are still looking for private partners in the context of the launch of calls for funding for the costing in which we can ensure sources of funding, respectively co-financing / additional funding.

Currently, a number of 11 entities have joined and became associate members, namely:

1./ Zirom SA   Giurgiu www.ziron-titanium.com

Contact: Adrian Rusea Tel Mobil: 0723676406  Email: adrian.rusea@zirom-titanium.com

Activity: the production of special materials, namely titanium and titanium alloys, zirconium and its alloys.

Support for the introduction of new materials, biomaterials, special alloys in applications in niche fields (medicine, for example) into manufacturing, with the availability of joint participation in joint projects. He has expectations from the cluster and expects cooperation opportunities in these fields.

It is also desired to introduce new materials with specific applications into the production process. Biomaterials would also be a direction of development, being a small company that can easily adapt to production in smaller quantities compared to large foreign producers!

Monitor and control melting during the alloying process. Some software for this process is being implemented. Modeling the melting of ingots and alloys is also an area of ​​interest. The cluster (through one of its founding members) could make available the experience developed in the field of silicon.

There is the possibility of making samples for research studies in quantities of tens of kg.

2./ Vegacomp Consulting  Srl Bucuresti www.vegacomp.ro

Contact: Cornel Barbut Tel Mobil: 0720587837 Email: office@vegacomp.ro

Activity: Established in 2004, specialized in communications in the fields of telecommunications and energy, based on the interdependence of the two. The technical experience consists of about 20 years of optical fiber, consulting in the two fields of telecommunications and energy, in Romania and on the foreign market, respectively called “smart city”. More recently, has also been an integrator of products in a project, from the solution to its final implementation.

In the field of telecommunications, he has experience in collaborating with cable service providers in Romania. In the field of energy, it has in its portfolio a collaboration with Romtelecom, pilot projects in the country for the implementation of “smart city”. It has completed projects each time with a different partner, in Bucharest-sector 4, Constanta and Piatra Neamt. Work is now underway in Alba Iulia, namely the reading of electricity meters directly from the transformation point. The processing of collected data is also an area in which is interested and offer consultancy.

In a partnership, developed other directions within a newly established start-up, in the IoT area, based on market requirements, such as the development of kit products for “smart metering” (simultaneous measurement of gas, water and energy) and where, for example, potential clients could be town halls.

Sensors for the detection of accidentally opened doors for certain cold storages (for example, pharmaceutical factories have such requests), the detection of variations in the quantity loaded in trucks during transport are just some of the market’s requests. This smart metering activity, it associates data communication with soft processing.

“Smart pole” and “smart home” are also directions of interest that the company considers for various business opportunities in the development of projects.

Presents manufactured products: water meter installed at a mall in Bucharest, indoor and outdoor parking sensor (e.g. monitoring parking spaces for disabled people).

Vegacomp Consulting Srl is looking for integrated water, gas and energy metering solutions. For example. how to read water meters from a distance, for which he is looking for solutions. In development, a solution developed for gas sensors already within INCDFM (possible collaboration, there is an exchange of meetings, discussions)

Interested in attracting financing from European funds on the basis of joint projects. Question: the sensor in the parking lot was made for max 12.5 tons.

3./ ETA2U Srl Timisoara www.eta2u.ro

Contact: Daniela Sabou Tel Mobil: 0745109826 Email:dsabou@eta2u.ro

Activity: It is one of the oldest established in RO and currently the largest IT integrator with Romanian capital. Large enterprise (not an SME) works in the area of ​​IT integration to create infrastructures. They have a dedicated research and innovation department. They have national coverage through 11 branches in the country (most of the big cities in Ro) with their headquarters in Timisoara. Work in partnership with most IT brands established in Ro.

Within the research-development and innovation department established in 2013, action is taken on IoT and Industry 4.0 niche areas, thus expanding the portfolio of the company and the group. These terms, services or applications that are defined in this way are explained. It presents the company’s achievements at the level of Timisoara, respectively a monitoring network at the level of the municipality and several neighboring municipalities. For example, water quality monitoring. The sensors are made in partnership and the network management is integrated into a complex platform.

Communications are made through the LoRa protocol, an example that integrates a sensor placed on the back of bees, within swarms suspected of being infected with certain diseases. Made for a client in Australia and New Zealand.

Being an integrator, he also works for/with the realization of software solutions, both in partnership with important partners such as Cisco, but also with smaller partners for niche solutions. Own software was also developed (eg a software for the traceability of production processes or stock management).

Expectations from DRIFMAT, especially in terms of developing new sensors that do not currently exist in the market and carrying out research projects together. For example. already proposed a request for the monitoring of vine diseases.

4./ INTELECTRO IASI Srl Iasi;    www.intelectro.ro

Contact: Romeo Ciobanu Tel Mobil: 0751164501 Email: rciobanu@ee.tuiasi.ro

Activity: For 8 years it has been performing a sustained activity in the field of bio-nano and immuno-sensors of data acquisition systems and wireless communication and internet for sensors, with applications in biomedicine, environment and security, with testing facilities, laboratory and microproduction in the field of nanotechnologies for sensors, with the most modern multilayer ink-jet printing system in Eastern Europe. On the other hand, the company has been the beneficiary of many CDI projects and applications of innovative technologies.

It is desired to perform common R&D activities, staff development, support addressed to other companies, dissemination and implementation.

5./  SC ALL GREEN Srl Iasi;      www.allgreen.ro

Contact: Contact: Romeo Ciobanu Tel Mobil: 0751164501 Email: rciobanu@ee.tuiasi.ro

Activity: 10 years of experience in the field of nano and bio composite materials, with its own testing laboratory for thermoplastic composites and production facilities through extrusion, thermoforming and 3D printing. In addition, the company has developed a series of special materials for the field of telecommunications and security, broadband electromagnetic shielding up to 50 GHz and active components for the GHz/THz range.

6./ BEIA Consult International Srl Bucuresti;    www.beia.ro

Contact: Ecaterina Grecu Mobil: 0746244906 Email: ecaterina.grecu@beia.ro

Activity: supplier of telecommunications equipment from Romania, with 25 years of experience in more than 10,000 projects for telephone exchanges, telephone exchange networks, voice-data communication networks and advanced communication solutions. SC ALL GREEN Srl implemented regional telemetry projects and is interested high-performance cloud applications and high-performance computing technologies computing technologies in physical research and related fields.

7./ DOSITRACKER Srl Bucuresti;     www.dositracker.com

Contact: Codrut Cherestes Mobil: 0722252506 Email: codrut.cherestes@dositracker.com

Activity: Romanian startup that offers modern radiological monitoring solutions for a healthy living and working environment. It is a start-up initiated by a team of passionate entrepreneurial physicists with 20 years of experience in the field of individual dosimetry, whose objective principle is to support the professional environments of health, industry and the environment, but also the population in the efficient and responsible management of situations of exposure of the population to ionizing radiation, to reduce it to the minimum possible.

8./ Plasma Jet Srl  Orasul Magurele;       www.plasmajet.ro

Contact: Ion Trusca Tel Mobil: 0722222722 Email: plasmajet1990@yahoo.com

Activity: In 1990, a group of technicians from the aviation industry, specialized in plasma metallization, founded PLASMA JET S.R.L., having as object of activity “Thermal Spray Coating (TSC)”. Plasma Jet is the only company in the region that owns and applies all T.S.C processes. Coating (metallization) by thermal spraying includes processes in which finely dispersed metallic and non-metallic particles are sprayed onto a substrate, in the form of a melt or semi-melt, to form a coating. The material that is sprayed can be in the form of powder or wire. The source of energy used to melt the material can be electric or by combustion.

9./ FARMEC SA Cluj Napoca;   www.farmec.ro

Contact: Sofia Irimie Tel Mobil: 0734881388 Email: sofia.irimie@farmec.ro

Activity; The largest producer of cosmetics in Romania and one of the most important in Eastern Europe. The company was founded in 1945 in Cluj Napoca and Farmec SA was fully privatized in 1995. It has a specialized research department that is interested in the development of new products.

10./ BETAK SA Bistrita;                 www.betak.ro

Contact: Rebrean Teodor Tel Mobil: 0741239728 Email:rebreanteodor@betak.ro

Activity: Specialization in continuous thermal galvanizing processes. Manufacturer of hot-dip and electrolytic galvanized strips, hot-dip galvanized grounding electrodes, as well as garments and other galvanized metal parts

11./ Tehnical Univ. “Gh Asachi”, Iasi through POLYTECH – CTTM Iasi; https://polytech.tuiasi.ro

The technological transfer center reorganized in 2017 carries out a series of specific activities for the protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights, support for the realization of innovative projects in partnership with SMEs, technical and technological consultancy, training and dissemination activities, etc. Joining DRIFMAT is considered a beneficial presence, facilitating development on all levels in the North-Eastern region of Romania;